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Bird Sculptures & Wood

Hand Carved Puffin Hanger
Hand Carved Puffin on Log
Hand Carved Puffin Preening
Hand Carved Little Stint Standing
Hand Carved Sandpiper Block
Hand Carved Green Woodpecker on Log
Hand Carved Lesser Spotted Woodpecker
Hand Carved Greater Spotted Woodpecker
Hand Carved Ruff Feeding
Hand Carved Sandpiper Preening
Hand Carved Oystercatcher Head Down
Hand Carved Curlew Walking
Hand Carved Double Puffin Block
Hand Carved Curlew Fishing
Hand Carved Triple Knot Block
Hand Carved Little Owl on Log
Hand Carved Tawny Owl on Log
Hand Carved Double Owl on Log
Traditional Coasters
Traditional Axminster Egg Timer
Traditional Yo Yo
Traditional Skipping Rope
Traditional Pen
Weighted Wading Stick
Horn Stalking Stick
Horn Thumb Stick
Polished Wood Desktop Box
Polished Wood Letter Rack
Business Card Holder
Polished Wood Penholder
Polished Domed Box
Oblong Hinged Box
Set of Six Polished Wood Coasters
Polished Wood Solitaire Set
Wooden Domino Set
Captain's Game Set
Cribbage, Cards, Dice and Domino Set
Bagatelle Set
Chess Set With Folding Board
Domino, Dice, Tic Tac Toe Set
Classic Solitare with Glass Marbles
Classic Dominos
Dice Box
Handmade Dog Whistle
Handmade Keyring
Loo Roll Holder
£14.95   was £29.95
Wildlife Clock
£12.50   was £24.95
Hand Carved Wren on Log
£19.95   was £24.95
Hand Carved Blue Tit on Log
£24.95   was £29.95
Hand Carved Robin On Log
Hand Carved Kingfisher
£29.95   was £39.95
Hand Carved Treecreeper on Log
£29.95   was £39.95
Hand Carved Long Tailed Tit
£44.95   was £59.95