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Clare Shaw

The Admiral  by Clare Shaw
AN90200SHAWtransparent.gifcategoryAN90200SHAW.jpgAN90200SHAW.jpgthe-admiral-by-clare-shawThe Admiral by Clare ShawThe Admiral by Clare Shaw895008950000.000000000000000e+000
Spitting Feathers by Clare Shaw
AN90201SHAWtransparent.gifcategoryAN90201SHAW.jpgAN90201SHAW.jpgspitting-feathers-by-clare-shawSpitting Feathers by Clare ShawSpitting Feathers by Clare Shaw895008950000.000000000000000e+000
Rumble in the Jungle by Clare Shaw
AN90202SHAWtransparent.gifcategoryAN90202SHAW.jpgAN90202SHAW_1.jpgrumble-in-the-jungle-by-clare-shawRumble in the Jungle by Clare ShawRumble in the Jungle by Clare Shaw19500019500000.000000000000000e+000

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