KellyBronze Turkeys - A Breed Apart
With ringing endorsements from the likes of Gordon Ramsay, Delia Smith and Jamie Oliver, KellyBronze turkeys are truly in a class of their own. Given the freedom to roam through woodlands and pasture, the KellyBronze supplements its diet of corn and soya with wild foraging, which introduces seasonal plants and berries into its diet that add further richness and complexity to the meat. What's more, the birds are allowed to reach full maturity - six months rather than the ten weeks white turkeys are raised for - so the meat is more dense and flavourful, marbled with naturally laid down fat which results in a more tender and tasty bird.
A Unique Journey from Farm to Plate
KellyBronze turkeys are dry plucked traditionally by hand to preserve the flavour of the meat which can be adversely affected by industrial wet plucking in which the birds are immersed in hot water. Then the turkeys are hung and dry aged like game birds to allow their full flavour profile to develop and break down the connective tissue in the muscle which leads to more succulent flesh.

The difference between a KellyBronze turkey and a standard turkey really becomes apparent in the cooking process. There's no need to baste the bird or slather it with butter as the extra intramuscular fat which the mature bird has developed will melt and tenderise the bird as it cooks, keeping it mouth-wateringly juicy and tender. It also cooks much faster than ordinary turkeys, again due to the natural manner in which fat is laid down within the meat - the fat carries the flavour and conducts heat through the meat as it cooks, resulting in shorter cooking times and a lower cooking temperature. The mature bird also has much more bone marrow, which also helps heat transfer through the meat and results in a wonderfully rich gravy when the cooking process is over.
A bird without equal, the KellyBronze turkey makes a worthy centrepiece for even the most extravagant festive meal.

For even more information on this remarkable bird, please see our KellyBronze blog post.
Ordering and Delivery Information
Please be sure to place your order by 6pm on the 18th of December. All orders will be delivered on Wednesday the 23rd of December between 8am and 6pm. Deliveries do not have to be signed for, so the package can be dropped off at your property without you having to receive it personally. If you have any specific delivery instructions such as where the parcel can be left, please contact our Customer Service Advisers on 03453 227 655 and they will ensure your instructions are carried out.

KellyBronze turkeys are placed in an insulated container for shipping and then packed into a sturdy cardboard box. They are deep chilled before they leave the farm in order to ensure that they arrive at your home in peak condition.

Each package includes full storage and cooking instructions, as well as a complimentary meat thermometer to help you roast your bird to perfection.

Please note: due to logistical constraints we are unable to deliver to the following postcodes -

BT18-94, GY1-10, HS1-9, IV41-56, JE1-5, KW15-17, PA41-78, PH42-44, PO30-41, TR21-25, ZE1-3, IM1-9, IM99

There is also an additional delivery charge to these postcode zones: AB36-38, PH19-26, PH33 and all IV and KW postcodes.