The flax flower which linen is made with from. Flax fields used to be a common sight in the Scottish countryside.

At The House of Bruar, we are renowned the world over for our ranges of country clothing which are a match for anything the Scottish climate can throw at us: snow, sleet, rain, gale-force winds – and, yes, even baking heat! Scotland’s summer of 2018 went down in history as one of record-breaking temperatures, with the mercury rising to 32 degrees Celsius in June, (that’s almost 90 degrees Fahrenheit), and our beautiful Perthshire hills and glens basking in glorious sunshine for weeks at a time. 

You might not think that the appropriate types of apparel for weathering these opposite extremes would find any common ground but one facet that does unite them is our firm belief in the importance of natural fibres, which provide unsurpassed quality, comfort and ease of wear whatever the weather.


 but one facet that does unite them is our firm belief in the importance of natural fibres, which provide unsurpassed quality, comfort and ease of wear whatever the weather.

And, what’s more, they are an eco-friendly, renewable resource which is biodegradable and carbon neutral, making them winners all round.

Here are our recommendations for the fabrics to look for that will help you keep your cool in the summer, both at home and abroad.


Fresh and cool to wear, linen is a quick-drying, crisp and durable fabric, perfect for structured tailoring as well as looser, more flowing garments.

Ways to wear it: A linen jacket adds a smart edge to any outfit whether worn at a wedding or a summer garden party.

And linen trousers, cut in a loose, wide-leg style, are a summery option which can be dressed up for formal occasions or worn with a simple T-shirt for a more relaxed look.


 The go-to fabric for summer, cotton is both comfortable and cool to wear, as well as being absorbent and softly draping.

Ways to wear it: Pure cotton blouses and shirts are the perfect way to wear the fabric, keeping cool whilst covering up to protect the skin from the sun’s rays.
Cotton-rich T-shirts in fresh summer colours, nautical stripes and bright prints will update your outfits with splashes of eye-catching colour. We love Barbour’s new range of laid-back vintage-look T-shirts for men and women.

Pretty, lightweight dresses and cool, form-skimming tunics are essential pieces for your summer wardrobe. Look out for light-as-air voiles as well as practical, hard-wearing denims and chambrays. Our ladieswear ranges from Lily & Me and Joules are full of inspirational pieces.


 Light and lustrous, airy garments in softly draping silk reflect the sunlight in their spun filaments.

Ways to wear it: Flirtatious and floating, a silk shawl is ideal for summer evenings. Look out for glowing jewel-like colours and sumptuous Liberty prints.

A  silk shirt is an effortlessly elegant way to pull together summer outfits.

The luxurious sheen of woven silk can bring a dash of colour to menswear too in the form of a pure silk tie or cravat.

Merino Wool

 Bear in mind that even in the warmest of climes the evening can bring with it a breath of coolness. The finest wool from the Merino sheep is an excellent insulator, as well as being comfortable and breathable.

Ways to wear it: A light merino cardigan is a useful extra layer to provide protection from fresh sea breezes and the cool air of evening.


Renowned for its softness, cashmere is combed from the fine undercoat of the Cashmere goat. The resulting ultra-fine fibres are spun into yarn which is stronger, lighter, softer and approximately three times more insulating than that produced from sheep’s wool. 2-ply yarn is used to create feather-light knits, whilst heavier yarns such as 4-ply and 6-ply make the cosiest designs for wear in colder seasons.

Ways to wear it: Look out for jumpers, stoles, and wraps which provide a layer of warmth without bulk. Our beautiful contrast wraps, in a range of tempting colours, make the perfect light and airy cover-ups. 

Wherever your travels may take you this season, the natural fibres found at The House of Bruar will help keep you calm, cool and collected when the heat is on.