What to shoot and when 
Game Birds and Water Fowl
Pheasant: Scotland - Oct 1st - Feb 1st. England and Wales - Oct 1st - Feb 1st
Partridge (Red-legged & Grey) Scotland - Sep 1st - Feb 1st. England & Wales - Sep 1st - Feb 1st
Grouse: Scotland - Aug 12th - Dec 10th. England & Wales - Aug 12th - Dec 10th
Ptarmigan: Scotland - Aug 12th - Dec 10th. England & Wales N/A
Duck & Goose: Scotland - Sep 1st - Feb 20th. England & Wales Sep 1st - Jan 21st
Common Snipe: Scotland - Aug 12th - Jan 31st. England & Wales Aug 12th - Jan 31st
Woodcock: Scotland - Sept 1st - Jan 31st. England & Wales - Oct 1st - Jan 31st
Pigeon: Scotland - year round. England & Wales - year round

Stalking Seasons
Red and Sika Stags: Scotland July 1st - Oct 20th. England & Wales Aug 1st - April 30th
Red and Sika Hinds/Fallow: Scotland Oct 21st - Feb 15th. England & Wales Nov 1st - March 31st
Roe Bucks: Scotland April 1st - Oct 20th. England & Wales April 1st - Oct 20th
Roe Does: Scotland Oct - 21st - March 31st. England & Wales Nov 1st -  March 31st
Muntjac: All Year

What to wear
When asked to a shoot it's best to check with the host what the official dress code of the day will be however there will always be a few items which you can guarantee you will need.
Jackets and coats
Staying warm, dry, comfortable and camouflaged is what any good shooting jacket is designed to do, and with our ever-changing weather it is extremely important that you make the right choice when choosing a jacket. 

A tweed jacket in various shades of green and brown is the traditional choice of jacket to wear on a shoot. Favoured by the sporting community for hundreds of years, it is just as popular today as it was in years gone by. It is hard-wearing, breathable and waterproof and in recent years it has seen the incorporation of newer high-performance fabrics which take it to the next level.

At The House of Bruar we have a large number of both own brand and designer tweed jackets to choose from. Our Waterproof Shooting Coat has everything you need to enjoy a day in the field including a hi-tech waterproof and breathable interlayer, and our Chrysalis Shooting Coat has been designed to be a high-performance all weather coat. Musto's Stretch Tech Tweed Jacket is one of the best the market has to offer. Lined with GORE-TEX®, the Lovat Mill Scottish Tweed is coated in stain-and-dirt resistant Teflon®, and can be washed without losing any of its shape and colour.
                                                Chrysalis Shooting CoatMens Waterproof shooting Coat
Pictured: House of Bruar Chrysalis Shooting Coat, House of Bruar Waterproof Shooting Coat, Musto Stretch Tech Tweed Jacket

If you are after a more modern look and feel we have plenty of jackets to choose from to suit all budgets and types of weather. Jack Pyke does a fantastic range of budget-friendly coats that are lightweight, breathable and rustle-free, including the Jack Pike Hunter Jacket and Jack Pyke Argyll Smock. Household name Schoffel, have a huge variety of jackets and coats ranging from the Ptarmigan Interactive Coat, which is designed to zip together with the Oakham Gilet for maximum warmth and comfort, to the Schoffel Snipe Coat, made from Venturi two-layer laminate fabric and featuring a detachable hood as well as a recoil-protection pad which can be worn on either shoulder. 
                                                        Jack Pyke Argyll SmockSchoffel Ptarmigan Interactive CoatSchoffel Snipe Coat

Shooting gilets and waistcoats
Designed to add support and comfort whilst allowing for maximum movement, a shooting vest or waistcoat is an exceptionally useful piece of kit. Most are designed to be worn under a coat or on their own and offer protection from the wind and rain. If the shoot is very formal is it not uncommon to wear a three-piece tweed suit however, on less formal ones a practical gilet will do the trick. At The House of Bruar we have lots to choose from, including traditional tweed styles like our Men's Sporting Waistcoat that look great when paired with a tweed shooting coat or more technical ones like the Alsin Waistcoat by Harkila which is water and dirt repellent. 
                                                  Sporting Waistcoat  Harkila Alsin WaistcoatSchoffel Oakham Gilet

Choosing the right pair of trousers is not as straightforward as you might think. The length of your boot as well as the weather will determine what type of trouser you decide to wear and if you want to stay warm and dry, it's important that you don't get it wrong.

Breeks, Plus Twos and Plus Fours
Breeks, Plus Twos and Plus Fours are all styles of trousers designed to be worn for outdoor sports pursuits. Traditionally made from tweed and with adjustable hems, they are all different lengths to accommodate the various styles of boot and movement required by the type of activity. Plus Twos and Fours respectively leave four and eight inches of fabric below the knee so that it can be tucked back up over itself into socks keeping the leg dry. Breeks do not have any excess fabric but they do have an adjustable hem. Out of the three styles of trousers, Plus Fours offer the most freedom of movement and are therefore the most commonly worn.
                                                Saxony Tweed Waterproof Plus FoursTweed Plus TwosMusto Tweed Breeks

Pictured: House of Bruar Saxony Waterproof Plus Fours, House of Bruar Tweed Plus Twos, Musto Tweed Breeks

Waterproof and technical
To combat the ever-changing Scottish weather, a lot of people are now opting for more of a technical trouser to wear on shoots. Designed from the latest waterproof, breathable and warm fabrics as well as having lots of pockets, they make a practical choice. We stock a whole range of waterproof trousers which are just perfect for the occasion including HeatDry Active Pants GTX by Beretta which feature active thermal insulation as well as the Waterproof Hunter Trousers by Jack Pyke which are designed to be as silent as possible. If you are looking for a year round shooting trouser look no further than Seeland's Keeper Trousers, offering protection from the elements as well as reinforced knees and handwarming pockets.

                                                       Beretta HeatDry Active Pants GTXJack Pyke Waterproof Hunter TrousersSeeland Keeper Trousers

A pair of boots can either make or break your day, so it's important that you find the right style and fit to suit both the conditions and the type of shoot that you are on.

Wellies are a great option as you know your feet are going to be kept warm, dry and free from mud on even the wettest of days. We have an amazing range of wellies that are perfect for shooting, including the Aigle Parcours 2 Vario Gusset Welly and the Le Chameau Country Neoprene Welly, both of which provide excellent comfort and support. 

Stalking boots
If it's purpose-made stalking boots you are looking for, we recommend Meindl's Glockner GTX Stalking Boot with its Gotex lining and Multigrip sole, and also Irish Setter's Elk Tracker Insulated Waterproof 12" boot made entirely from premium work-grade leathers with sturdy cleats on the sole. 
                               Le Chameau Country Neoprene Wellies   Meindl Glockner GTX Stalking BootIrish Setter Elk Tracker Insulated Boots                                 
The basics
Get the basics right and you'll be well on your way to having a great day out. Get them wrong and you could end up heading back to the lodge before you've even begun. We've made a list of the essential basic items that you will almost always need when out on a shoot.

Ear defenders - Ear defenders are an absolute must. The noise of a gunshot can reach up to 160db, and with repeated exposure to any sound more than 95db leading to tinnitus and even deafness, these are an essential piece of kit. We recommend Bisley Electronic Hearing Defenders, which use independent volume control and intelligent wind noise reduction to reduce background noise. If you are using moulded ear defenders, make sure you have a case for them so you don't lose them.                

A hat - A flat cap will never look out of place on a shoot. Choose from traditional tweed or waterproof wax. If you are out shooting clays, you can get away with a more casual baseball Cap.
                                                 Tweed Hereford CapBarbour Waxed Flat CapBarbour Wax Sports cap
Pictured: Tweed Bond CapBarbour Waxed Flat CapBarbour Wax Sports Cap

A cartridge bag - Keep your cartridges safe and easily accessible in a stylish and practical cartridge bag. With different holding capacities and many different materials available, there are plenty to choose from. The Doutex cartridge bag by John Pyke is an affordable and stylish option which fits 150 cartridges. If you're after something a bit smarter, look no further than the ones designed by luxury leather brand Croots of which we sell a variety of different sizes and styles, or alternatively you can opt for a cartridge belt. 

                                            Jack Pyke Doutex Cartridge BagCroots 75 Cartridge BagCroots Bridle Leather 12G Cartridge Belt

Pictured: Jack Pyke Doutex Cartridge Bag, Croots 75 Cartridge Bag, Croots Bridle Leather 12G Cartrdige Bag

A shirt - If you are going for a traditional ensemble you will most likely want to wear a green or brown checked tattersall shirt. Make sure it's comfy as well as breathable and that the thickness is right for the temperature. We have a whole range of tattersall shirts to choose from, from the traditional to more colourful options. 
   Tattersall Shirt

Pictured: Cotton & Wool Tattersall Shirt, Barbour Hill Performace Shirt, The Oxford Shirt Company Cotton Tattersall Shirt

A tie - To complete your look, a tie is the ultimate accessory. Choose from plain, printed or tweed. We have a huge selection of different ties to suit every outfit and style.

                                          Plain Woven Silk TieFlying Pheasants Woven Sikl TieShetland Herringbone Tie
Pictured: House of Bruar Plain Woven Silk Tie, House of Bruar Flying Pheasants Woven Silk TieHouse of Bruar Shetland Herringbone Tie     
Socks - When it comes to choosing socks for shooting, it is definitely not a case of one size fits all. The size, material and the durability all need to be taken into account if you are to stay comfortable all day. Socks made out of a mix of wool and nylon are perfect as they are warm and tend to not shrink in the wash as opposed to socks made from 100% wool. The eye-catching classic Kyle sock made from a mix of merino wool and nylon are warm are practical as are the Unisex Hunting Socks by Meindl which feature a reinforced toe and heel, available in both a long and short design. 
                                                                                                Kyle Shooting SocksMeindl Unisex Hunting Socks
Pictured: Kyle Shooting Socks, Meindl Unisex Hunting Sock 
For extra comfort
To make the shoot as enjoyable as possible there are a few extra items you might want to take along. It's not unusual for legs to get tired so taking a shooting stick to sit on is something you might want to consider. Shooting is thirsty work and taking a hipflask filled with your favourite tipple will go down a treat. A good pair of gaiters like Harkila's Angus Leather Gaiters and shooting gloves such as Chester Jefferies Moorland Shooting Gloves are also good to wear if shooting in cold or wet weather.

                         Leather Shooting Stick Harkila Angus Leather GaitersChester Jeffries Moorland Shooting Glove

A gift for the host/hostess
A lot of effort goes into organising a shoot and as is the case, it's the done thing to bring your host a gift as a sign of your appreciation. At The House of Bruar we have lots items that are perfect for the occasion and suit all budgets.

Our own brand Bramble Gin and Single Malt Whisky are not only delicious, they are also exclusive to us and are the perfect tipple to enjoy on a shoot. Our Luxury Hamper will also go down a treat - it's packed with Scottish goodies from our delicatessen and Food Hall. A gift for the home is thoughtful and in keeping with the theme of the day you can choose from a whole range of game themed items including Stag Head Salad ServersPheasant Feather Placemats and Coasters and also a matching Burns Crystal Decanter and Glasses. If you want to go all out, our luxury Leather Drinks Case and Antler Carver Chair are two items we would recommend and a rug is a gift that we know is always appreciated. 

                        House of Bruar Single Malt WhiskyHouse of Bruar Bramble GinLuxury HamperStag Head Salad ServersFeather Placemat                                          Burns Crystal DecanterLambswool RugLeather Drinks caseAnter Carver Chair