Levi's has become an iconic name. From jeans to logo t-shirts, the brand has seen a surge in popularity in more than just their staple jean collection.

Levi Strauss moved to San Francisco in 1853, during the Gold Rush, to establish his store selling predominantly clothing and boots. In the 1870s, Strauss partnered with tailor Jacob Davis to create a riveted blue denim designed for maximum durability. The denim was designed to be hardwearing and able to withstand a lot of pressure, and the two horse logo, which is representative of the material's strength, remains part of the brand to this day.

Over the years Levi’s produced many items that met certain needs including denim one-pieces for children, denim tunic/trouser pieces for women and classic khaki trousers that were a change from the brand's usual denim.

Levi Strauss historical images from 1870's and two horses logo

The brand has evolved into more than just denim, now producing many garments such as branded t-shirts, jackets and sweatshirts. Still moving forward with their designs, the brand most recently carried out extensive research to create a collection of jeans crafted to fit various body shapes, the Curve ID range. Levi’s has also created a new type of denim that uses 96% less water in the production process and is more environmentally friendly. 

Levi jeans held up by worker showing original logo

In-store we have a range of styles, including the iconic Levi’s brand raglan t-shirt - designed in 1967 - western style shirts, hooded tops and many other denim items. We stock three of the classic Levi’s cuts, which are the 501, 511, and 501CT. These styles are the perfect cut for any gentleman, and we’ll be sure to help you find the right fit.
Levi 501 House of Bruar
The 501 is the original cut of Levi’s jeans and changes every decade to suit the trend of the time. With its classic button fly and high rise, the 501 is timeless in its design. A slimmer cut on the thigh and loose at the ankles gives the 501 a more tapered cut above the knee and can be more comfortable where needed. 

Model wearing Levi 511 House of Bruar

The 511 is different in shape to the classic 501. The 511 is a labelled as a slim jean, but this design gives the jeans a more tailored look, perfect for the gentleman who wishes to accentuate his best features. This fit is slim on both thighs and ankles, allowing the jeans to grip in certain areas to give them a contemporary feel and enables them to be worn in more formal situations. 

Levi 501CT House of Bruar
Our final style is the 501CT, a slight change on the ever classic 501 except with the leg design turned upside-down. The 501CT gives the wear a slimmer ankle and a looser thigh. This style is perfect for the gentleman who likes the style of the 501 but struggles to get it to fit him on both the waist and thighs. The 501CT provides the best of both worlds using all the features of the classic 501 but adapting them to suit a modern market. 

Levi department menswear hall at House of Bruar Country Clothing

Our range of Levi’s clothing is available in our Menswear Department in-store.