A Guide to Marton Mills: The Home of Quality Fabric Production

When it comes to market-leading experts in the textile industry, Marton Mills really do know their tweeds from their tartans. It’s the reason our design team here at The House of Bruar trust them to produce the best quality fabrics for our favourite bespoke designs. So allow us to introduce you to one of Britain’s most iconic textile companies and explain why we’re proud to work with them.

Who is Marton Mills?

Marton Mills is a British family-owned and operated fabric producer from the heart of England’s rolling countryside. They specialise in traditionally made tweeds crafted from the finest locally produced wool, and as well as offering bespoke services that allow you to have your own patterns and blends turned into fabric, they also have a large selection of in-house material available in varying weights and designs.

It takes skill and expertise, forged over decades of dedication to the craft, to produce fabric to the standard that Marton Mills is renowned for. But as well as being recognised for their premium quality materials, Marton Mills are also proud advocates for sustainability, recycling everything they can from textile scraps to used loom oil. 

Their weaving mill, which is located in the heart of West Yorkshire, manages all aspects of fabric creation and can produce up to 20,000 metres of custom material every week. 

A brief history of Marton Mills

Marton Mills was originally founded as manufacturers of knitted garments in the early 20Th Century. However, following a recession which put a halt to the knitwear industry, the mill turned its focus to woven fabric and tested the water with a small, successful product line which they eventually expanded with different patterns and styles. 

Following a change in premises in 1996, the mill doubled in size, allowing the company to scale up their production, and this new expansion also allowed all of the mill's processes to be carried out in-house – apart from dyeing the finished material, which is carried out by local company, William Denby. 

Where are Marton Mills fabrics made?

Marton Mills began life in a small factory located on Marton Street in Skipton back in 1931. But by 1996 they had expanded and moved into their new home in Pool-in-Wharfedale, twenty miles away, taking ownership of a beautiful red brick factory that’s steeped in history.

By keeping all their production and processes in-house, Marton Mills is able to offer ‘a no minimum order’ requirement for materials. This affords their customers lots of flexibility, and is just one of the reasons Marton Mills is an industry first choice. Also, their top of the range machines allow the mill to create a fabric in a short space of time, so the mill and its clients can provide a faster service than many. 

Who does Marton Mills supply fabric to?

Over the years, Marton Mills has become the trusted supplier of fabric to a wide range of industries, from family-owned businesses, like us at The House of Bruar, to much larger groups. 

Notably, they are a leading creator of fabric for school uniforms, creating bespoke polyester blends that are perfect for hard-wearing school trousers and skirts or comfortable polo shirts. They don’t limit themselves to fabrics for the fashion industry though, also supplying textiles for interior design, including yards of beautifully soft, pure Shetland wool that are used to create stunning Hetton tweed throws.

Marton Mills fabrics:

From traditional pure wool tartans and tweeds to expertly finished polyesters, here are the three most popular fabric choices that have made Marton Mills a leading industry expert in textile manufacture. 

Marton Mills Tweed

Marton Mills is home to an impressive array of pure wool tweeds in a variety of weights and styles, including some popular weaving styles that include Herringbone, Twill and Houndstooth. Each batch of fabric is carefully treated post-manufacture to remove the natural oils in the wool and leave it supple and soft. 

Marton Mills Tartan

Tartan fabric is available at Marton Mills in three different weights; Jura (16oz), Bute (13oz) and Glamis (10.5oz). Some of the oldest and best recognized Scottish tartans come off their looms on a weekly basis and are supplied to traditional kiltmakers around the world.

Marton Mills Check

Checked fabrics at the Marton Mills factory are crafted from a quality polyester blend that gives the same beautiful tartan-inspired look to a much tougher, hard-wearing material that is as easy to care for as it is attractive. Many of these fabrics go on to become school blazers and ties that are proudly worn up and down the country.

Are you keen to discover which of our products, here at The House of Bruar, are crafted from genuine Marton Mills fabrics? We have a lovely selection to choose from. Click on one of the images below to discover some of our most popular products.