How to Wear Wide-Leg Trousers For Every Occasion: 6 Expert Style Tips

Wide-leg trousers are an emblem of retro style that is making a commanding comeback, fast becoming a fashion staple that effortlessly elevates any look to new heights.

With their flowing silhouette and relaxed fit, wide-leg trousers exude sophistication and grace. From constructing a polished ensemble to effortlessly pulling together a casual yet refined aesthetic, these versatile bottoms offer endless possibilities for style experimentation.

Whether you're looking to refresh your wardrobe or add to your capsule collection, our guide to the humble wide-leg will explore the best ways to wear them while providing valuable styling tips for pairing them with complementary pieces.

Types of wide-leg trousers

The perfect blend of comfort, elegance, and style, wide-leg trousers have an all-occasion appeal that makes them incredibly versatile. Let’s look at the different types available:

High-waisted wide-leg trousers

By cinching at the waist, high-waisted wide-leg trousers emphasise the narrowest part of the body to give an instant illusion of longer legs and a streamlined silhouette. These trousers work wonders when paired with a blouse neatly tucked in to highlight the waistline. 

Cropped wide-leg trousers


An ideal option for the warmer months, cropped wide-leg trousers stop just above the ankle, allowing a breezy feel and a glimpse of your chosen footwear – these trousers are a canvas for experimenting with bold shoes.


Culottes are a blend between a midi skirt and trousers. With their unique ultra-wide silhouette falling just between the knee and the ankle, they're a contemporary choice for a standout style. 

How to wear wide-leg trousers

Wide-leg trousers’ voluminous silhouette means that pairing them with other garments demands a delicate balance of proportions. To ensure they form a well-rounded ensemble, consider these styling guidelines and tips:

1. Pair with a fitted top – When styling wide-leg trousers, balance is key. As they introduce generous shape to your lower half, pairing them with a tailored top creates a delightful contrast, emphasising your waist and creating a flattering silhouette. The options are vast and varied, from fitted t-shirts and jumpers to loose blouses styled with a French tuck.

2. Wear with a short jacket – Add an extra layer of intrigue to your look by pairing wide-leg trousers with a short jacket. We find that a cropped piece of outerwear, like a cardigan or biker jacket, that ends just above the waist also helps draw interest at the waistline without overshadowing the trousers themselves.

3. Elongate the legs with heeled shoes – As wide-leg trousers add extra weight and shape to your outfit, balancing them out with heeled shoes can prevent them from appearing too bottom-heavy and overwhelming. Heels, whether a classic pump, a comfortable block, or a wedged sole, provide an instant boost. This combination elongates the leg and adds an elegant edge to your overall ensemble.

4. Add a belt Belts are more than just functional accessories; they're powerful style tools. By adding a belt to your wide-leg trousers, you define your waist and accentuate the flattering high-waist feature of these trousers. Whether you opt for a minimalist leather belt or a statement chunky option, a belt can tie a simple top and trousers duo together.

5. Opt for solid colours or simple patterns The grandeur of wide-leg trousers lies in their voluminous structure. Choose solid colours or basic patterns to ensure this feature stands out instead of overpowering your outfit.  Neutral shades, like classic black, grey, and cream, are versatile for dressing up or down, while brighter blues and yellows are ideal for airy summertime dressing. If opting for a print or pattern, vertical stripes can elongate your frame by making you appear taller, and only select one print per look to avoid clashing.

6. Focus on the fit With many wide-leg trousers falling past the ankle or inching towards floor-grazing lengths, getting the perfect fit can make a world of difference to an outfit. Too long or too baggy, and you run the risk of making your legs appear shorter.

What to wear with wide-leg trousers for every occasion

The versatility of these trousers allows them to be stylishly incorporated into an array of looks. Here’s how you can wear wide-leg trousers for various occasions and seasons, from daytime dressing to an evening soiree.

1. How to wear wide-leg trousers for casual wear

For casual wear, wide-leg trousers can be worn with a classic t-shirt for an easy off-duty look. Layering it into the waistband of your trousers will highlight your curves, while a French tuck offers a more relaxed feel while still elongating your frame. Style with trainers for maximum effortless appeal and comfort.

2. How to wear wide-leg trousers for evening wear

Denim has long been seen as a casual fabric, but upgrading your slim-fit jeans for a straight-leg pair that hugs the waist but gently flares at the knee can elevate any outfit. A mid-rise adds a touch of length to your silhouette, but we love pairing these wide-leg jeans with an elegant heel to take your look to new heights. Pair with a luxurious silk blouse and blazer for an opulent evening style and accessorise with sparkling earrings. Alternatively, go for smart-casual by swapping heels for a pair of flat pumps or sandals.

3. How to wear wide-leg trousers for summer

As the sun brightens the sky, let wide-leg trousers become your go-to summer essential. For a beach outing, lightweight linen wide-leg trousers paired with a tank top and an open-front shirt provide a stylishly relaxed look. Finish off the look with a wide-brimmed hat and slip-on sandals. We also love an elasticated waist for wearing on the plane to enjoy ultimate comfort when travelling.

4. How to wear wide-leg trousers for winter 

When the temperature drops, wide-leg trousers in a thicker fabric can provide a sophisticated and weather-appropriate style solution. A pair of high-waisted, gently draping trousers in lambswool make an ideal warming winter ensemble, especially when paired with a turtleneck or crew-neck knitwear. 

Our favourite wide-leg trousers


For a playful pattern: tweed culottes

To enjoy quintessential country charm, our modern tweed culottes feature a beautiful winter wheat weave that exudes rural style. They’re made from 100% pure new wool and have been redesigned with feedback from our customers; they are now longer and wider for a more alluring fit.

For a lightweight feel: crepe culottes

For a lightweight and airy fit, these Pomodoro Culottes are perfect for warm-weather wear. Made from a soft crepe material that drapes gently across the body, these wide-leg trousers are adorned with a striking floral print for a bold statement. They feature pockets and an elasticated back for an easy pull-on style, and the cropped length means they’re ideal for pairing with a pretty sandal. Add these to your holiday wardrobe for an effortless and comfortable essential, or choose for summertime events like wearing to a picnic or garden party.

For a classic style: black wide-leg trousers

Black is the colour of choice if you’re seeking timeless appeal and endless versatility, so these black wide-leg trousers are a must-have addition to your wardrobe for all-year-round wear. Enjoy a sleek straight leg, side zip, elasticated waist, and side pockets for practicality and style. Wear a smart blouse for the office or a fitted t-shirt to accentuate your figure in the summer; the high-quality 100% linen is breathable to keep you cool and comfortable no matter the weather.

For a casual look: long wide-leg trousers

Make casual dressing as effortless as it appears with these classic wide leg trousers. Cut with a wider leg for enhanced movement and drape featuring side pockets, rear jet pockets and belt loops, these wide leg British flannel trousers are a country wardrobe essential and an excellent choice for easy everyday styling.

Enjoy sophisticated style with the House of Bruar  

Put a contemporary spin on these classic trousers and enjoy a wardrobe essential that works for all occasions. With our expert tips for how to keep your outfit balanced, styling wide-leg trousers for formal or casual wear is easy.

Discover our full range of ladies’ trousers here and add a pair of wide or straight-leg trousers to your rotation today.