Over The Burn by Ian MacGillivray

Originally from Inverness, the Scottish Landscape has always played a major role in Ian MacGillivray's life. Over the years, he has developed a deep love for the area and the Red Deer that reside there, producing captivating images of the animal in its natural habitat.

Ian MacGillivray, born 1964, is a sport and wildlife artist hailing from Inverness.  Born to a mother from the Isle of Lewis and a father from Inverness, Ian was immersed in the landscape of northern Scotland from an early age. This early inclination grew to shape a love for the natural environment that is conveyed in his strong attention to detail and the accuracy within his work. 

A key subject in a great majority of his work is the Red Deer, which he holds a particular adoration for. 

MacGillivray left Scotland to study at Maidstone College of Art, where he obtained a BA(Hons) in Fine Art and Painting. Perhaps inevitably, however, the pull of the landscape and wildlife of his native home brought him back to Scotland. This move elevated his career when in 1992 he won First Prize at the British Association of Shooting and Conservation National Wildlife Artist competition. Regularly exhibiting at game fairs, MacGillivray is surrounded by the culture that inspires his work, giving him an in-depth knowledge of the environment. The ongoing theme of country sports is clear within his work as he captures a myriad of scenes that are synonymous with the sporting lifestyle.

Ian Macgillivray 'across the burn' the assocation of deer management groups

A key subject in a great majority of his work is the Red Deer, which he holds a particular adoration for. A number of his works are focused on this species and the landscapes prominent in their natural habitat. In 2016, MacGillivray donated his piece ‘Across the Burn’ to the Association of Deer Management Groups (ADMG) to help raise funds for their cause. The proceeds of the sale will help to ensure the future of sports stalking in Scotland’s deer forests. After being on display at the Scottish Game Fair, the piece was sold through The House of Bruar, selling the day it was delivered to the store. 
Ian MacGillivray 'across the burn'

Whilst sometimes working from photographs, he finds sketching or painting in the moment gives a more authentic feel to his work. MacGillivray works predominantly from the sketches he creates whilst out in the field. This style of working is clear in his finished pieces, which display a sense of movement and life upon the canvas that perfectly encapsulates the feel of the Scottish landscape that would be missed in a photograph. 

Ian MacGillivray 'four seasons' spring and winter

His most recent collection entitled ‘Four Seasons’ consists of four pieces intended to be displayed together. They depict the Red Deer throughout the course of a year, and demonstrate MacGillivray’s year-round commitment to both his work and his love of the regal animal. Painted in his signature Oil technique, the paintings are each 16x20” and can be hung together or separately. This collection can be found exclusively at The House of Bruar.

Ian MacGillivray new works including deer hounds and Scottish landscapes

With a number of works in progress MacGillivray works year round to produce captivating paintings that display the country lifestyle and natural Scottish landscape. His newest pieces will be displayed in The House of Bruar Art Gallery and depict a continuation of his sporting theme, capturing the environment of stalking and the nature of the sport. These works will be on display from the - Glorious - 12th of August in The House of Bruar Art Gallery.

Visit to see them in store and for any enquiries about Ian MacGillivray’s work, or the work of any other artist, please contact our Art Gallery on 01796 483236 and view our online collection of his work here.

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