KellyBronze turkeys are a specific breed, grown to full maturity to give the best flavour possible and are the preferred bird of choice for everyone from celebrity chefs to home cooks alike.

In this blog, you will learn all about KellyBronze turkeys and what it is that makes them so special.

1. About KellyBronze turkey
What is a KellyBronze turkey?
What’s the difference between a KellyBronze turkey and a white turkey?
What makes a KellyBronze turkey ‘free range’?
History of KellyBronze

2: Storage and delivery
How is a KellyBronze turkey delivered?
Can you brine a KellyBronze turkey?
Can you freeze a KellyBronze turkey?

3: Cooking
How do you cook a KellyBronze turkey?
At what temperature should I cook my KellyBronze turkey?
How long does it take to cook a KellyBronze turkey crown?
How do I keep my KellyBronze turkey moist?

4: Ordering
How to order a KellyBronze turkey
How much does a KellyBronze turkey cost?
Delivery times (including cut-off dates for Christmas)

 About KellyBronze turkey

In 1971, Derek Kelly set out to breed white turkeys that were superior in flavour. A short 8 years later, the Kelly turkeys became award winners for their quality and flavour. However, when supermarkets began to sell the birds more cost-effectively, the turkey breeding market changed. Kelly continued his dream through those hard times, and in 1984 the Kelly family decided to differentiate themselves within the turkey market thanks to an idea from son Paul.

Don't be afraid, it's just a big chicken!

What is the difference between a KellyBronze Turkey and white turkey?
Lover of rare breeds, Paul Kelly had studied poultry science and concluded that they should begin breeding the Bronze turkey, which had seen a decline in numbers. The breed faced extinction in the 1950s due to being replaced by white breeds that were faster to grow and had light feathers which didn't leave a black quill after being plucked, a feature that has become a staple of the KellyBronze birds. So Kelly began buying up the remaining birds and set out again to establish a purebred turkey farm. Many thought they were mad, but the family persevered in growing the business until 1989 when a visit from Delia Smith ignited her love for the breed, broadcasting to the nation the quality of the bird

Derek Kelly 1971

What makes a KellyBronze Turkey free-range?
KellyBronze turkeys are completely free-range and grown to the equivalent of adulthood. This allows the breed to grow a natural layer of fat and a mature carcass, which in turn makes the bird far easier to cook and gives it the flavour it is known for. The breed has also been widely endorsed by Jamie Oliver who states that "KellyBronze turkeys are the best of the best."

With the flock 1989

Paul Kelly with Jamie Oliver 2004

History of KellyBronze
The Kelly family is one that springs back from difficult times, especially in 2015 when a fire destroyed a large section of their farm. Only 18 weeks later the farm was back in working order again, just in time for Christmas. The Christmas season is understandably one of the busiest times in the turkey business and in 2016 the family bred the KBXS - the smallest breed of turkey in the world - that is perfect for a small scale Christmas without having to lose the traditional bird from the dinner table.

2017 marks the year that the Kelly family secured their Federal USDA License and are now able to sell their famous birds across the pond. The same rearing and preparation techniques as in the UK are used in the USA to ensure the same great quality is produced in both countries. 

KellyBronze turkeys are completely free range and grown to the equivalent of adulthood.

They are concerned most about the welfare and quality of their product, which is evident in the superior texture and flavour of the unique KellyBronze bird and confirmed by their winning the Great Taste Gold Award in 2011. We choose to stock KellyBronze turkeys in our Food Hall over the Christmas period as we - like many others - believe them to be superior in quality and flavour.

                                                  Whole bird

 Storage and delivery 

How is a KellyBronze turkey delivered?
KellyBronze turkeys are placed in an insulated container for shipping and then packed into a sturdy cardboard box. They are deep chilled before they leave the farm in order to ensure that they arrive at your home in peak condition.

Each package includes full storage and cooking instructions, as well as a complimentary meat thermometer to help you roast your bird to perfection.

Can you brine a KellyBronze turkey?
KellyBronze turkeys are hand-plucked and dry-hung which means they do not need to be brined. This method also ensures the turkeys have more flavour and cook faster than a regular turkey.

Can you freeze a Kellybronze turkey?
You can freeze a KellyBronze turkey after you purchase it for up to one month. Ensure the bird is fully defrosted before use.

                                     KellyBronze Turkey
                                      Bird in the box as it arrives 


How do you cook a KellyBronze turkey?
There's no need to baste the bird or slather it with butter as the extra intramuscular fat which the mature bird has developed will melt and tenderise the bird as it cooks, keeping it mouth-wateringly juicy and tender. It also cooks much faster than ordinary turkeys, again due to the natural manner in which fat is laid down within the meat - the fat carries the flavour and conducts heat through the meat as it cooks, resulting in shorter cooking times and a lower cooking temperature. The mature bird also has much more bone marrow, which also helps heat transfer through the meat and results in a wonderfully rich gravy when the cooking process is over.

At what temperature should I cook my KellyBronze Turkey?
Cooking times are a guide only.
Weight Approximate Roasting Time
KBXS 1 hour
3kg 1.5 hours
4kg 1.75 hours
5kg 2 hours
6kg 2.25 hours
7-8kg 2.75 hours
9-11kg 3 hours

How can I keep my KellyBronze Turkey moist?
A KellyBronze turkey has plenty of natural fat so there is no need to cover it in butter or baste it.


How do I order a KellyBronze turkey?
You can order your KellyBronze Turkey from our website or visit our Food Hall where you can purchase one in-store.

How much does a KellyBronze turkey cost?
Whole turkeys are priced by weight and the prices can be found on our website.

Delivery times (including cut-off dates for Christmas)
Please be sure to place your order by 6pm on the 18th of December. All orders will be delivered on Wednesday the 23rd of December between 8am and 6pm. Deliveries do not have to be signed for, so the package can be dropped off at your property without you having to receive it personally. If you have any specific delivery instructions such as where the parcel can be left, please contact our Customer Service Advisers on 03453 227 655 and they will ensure your instructions are carried out.

Please note: due to logistical constraints we are unable to deliver to the following postcodes -

BT18-94, GY1-10, HS1-9, IV41-56, JE1-5, KW15-17, PA41-78, PH42-44, PO30-41, TR21-25, ZE1-3, IM1-9, IM99

There is also an additional delivery charge to these postcode zones: AB36-38, PH19-26, PH33 and all IV and KW postcodes.

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